Naoko 和 伊藤若沖的小狗玩耍, 油畫 畫布 116.8 x 80.5 cm ; Naoko playing with Jakuchus puppies , Oil on Canvas 調教師 , 油畫 畫布 91 x 73.8 cm ; Trainer , Oil on Canvas 盧梭被偷走了 , 油畫 畫布 91.7 x 91.7 cm ; Rousseau being Sstolen , Oil on Canvas    

渡部滿 Mitsuru Watanabe

日本 1953-

Japanese 1953-
The Japanese artist, Naoko, is the daughter of Mitsuru Watanabe. Her works are rich in style, blending contemporary girlhood with Japanese art and Western classical oil painting techniques, and the themes of her works are centred around the works of classical masters, with a distinctive harmony. The work is a romantic mix of art history and contemporary visual culture, the whimsy of young girls and the textures and compositional elements of classical oil painting. The artist describes himself as trying to imagine the works of the painters as a semi-realistic public space where everything is accessible and nothing is forbidden in the world of the imagination. Mitsuru Watanabe observes the images of other painters from the perspective of a landscape painter and plays with them. Exhibitions: The Beauty of the Mountains in Eastern Japan, Tokyo Station Gallery, 2002; Group Exhibition Contemporary Japanese Fantasy and Dystopian Reality, Edwin Gallery, Jakarta, 2012; each PIA exhibition will feature primary visual works by the artist.

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